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2011 Club Medal

American Graffiti Sculpture, Modesto
Michael Tandy

100 Silver (numbered)
100 Antique Bronze
100 Bronze

THE STORY: The bronze sculpture entitled “American Graffiti“ was created by Betty Saletta to honor Modesto’s most famous son, film director/producer George Lucas. Lucas had based his hit film American Graffiti on his experiences as a teenager in Modesto. The sculpture was dedicated July 11, 1997 to the cruising culture idolized in the film. The sculpture features two teenagers from the early 1960s leaning against the fender of a 1957 Chevy. The cruising loop was located at 9th and 10th Streets. The sculpture sits in George Lucas Plaza at five points (the intersection of Downey, 17th Street, McHenry Avenue, J Street and Needham Avenue).

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