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2008 Club Medal

Chief Estanislao 1793-1838
Gary Kailes

100 Silver (numbered)
100 Antique Bronze
100 Bronze

THE STORY: 2008 marks 215 years since the birth of Chief Estanislao and 170 years since his death. Stanislaus County was named for the Stanislaus River, which originally was called the Laquisimas River. Estanislao was born along this river. The river was renamed in honor of Chief Estanislao. Estanislao lived and hid out at the confluence of the Stanislaus and San Joaquin Rivers until he and his group moved to the Riverbank area. He led a band of Indians in a series of battles against Mexican troops until he was finally defeated in 1829. After his defeat, he returned to the Mission San Jose in Fremont, California. This also acknowledges the 100 years since the introduction of the Indian Head $2.50 Gold Quarter Eagles by the U.S. Mint.

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