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2004 Club Medal

Southern Pacific Cab Forward
Douglas Daniels

100 Silver (numbered)
100 Antique Bronze
100 Bronze

THE STORY: This medal commemorates the 50th anniversary of the last appearance of the Southern Pacific Cab Forward locomotive in Stanislaus County. Cab Forwards were a distinct trademark of the Southern Pacific. They are sometimes also called “Cab-in fronts” or "Backup Mallies". In 1908, the Southern Pacific ordered two conventional mallets classified as MC-1 for a trial run up the Sierra Nevada. During this run there was a problem with a great volume of exhaust gasses that almost asphyxiated the crew. A team of Southern Pacific design engineers came up with a plan and designs for a mallet with the cab in front, classified MC-2, to greatly reduce the exhaust gasses the crew had to breathe. Southern Pacific had Baldwin build fifteen that were delivered in February and March of 1910.

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